For the Good

Caines Arcade:  It all started with Caine and his cardboard arcade, and it exploded into a movement fostering creativity and innovation in kids all over the world!  Don’t miss this!

Kid President:  Need a little inspiration for your day?  Look no further than Kid President!

Audri’s Rube Goldberg Monster Trap: Audri shows us the power of online, connected learning, and be willing to learn from his mistakes!  Wonderful innovation and persistence on display!

Never Seconds: A blog created by a young girl who recorded her school meal experiences.

Like blogger Martha Payne, this is an article about children blogging about their world.

Switch and Shift: Young people are geniuses who change the world.

Color Your World With Kindness

TED Talks: Over 1500 talks to stir your curiousity!  This is a wonderful, collective explosion of inspiration, innovation and storytelling: .  Most TED Talks are under twenty minutes.  Here’s one to get you started, by Daniel Karslake (Daniel Karslake is a film director and producer who is currently working on “Every Three Seconds,” a feature documentary about ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to eradicate extreme poverty.)


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