Best Webtools

Here is a growing collection of our very favorite webtools for creating, presenting on the web!

My Favorite Web Tools

Wordle– A word cloud creator!

Tagxedo– A word cloud creator with the twist of adding unique shapes!  The best!


Prezi– “Powerpoint on steroids” (has excellent templates to get you started, a wonderful tool for presenting).

Glogster– multimedia poster creator, interactive!


Write Comics



PowToon– You can create animated videos and presentations.

Go Animate– Another video animation tool.

Math Practice and Games


Who Wants to be a Mathionaire

Scholastic (Study Jams)

Math Makes Sense

Alien Addition

Brain Teasers


Arcademic Games

Math Playground

Math Brain

Living Mathematics

Typing Practice and Games

Typing Master

Typer Shark

Spider Typer

Frog Game

Power Typing

Learn to Type

Word Games

Free Rice

Brain Games

For Learning New Things

The Story of Stuff

Khan Academy


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